We are so proud to be the agent for the fantastic Norwegian brand Babylivia in Norway!

Babylivia was started back when little baby Livia was introduced to solids. Every evening, half of the food would simply slide down her little chubby chin, under her bib and onto her clean pajama. Her parents were thinking, "what if there was a high neck bib so that the food would stay on the bib?". The very next day, her dad drove to the local fabric store, and after a couple of hours of battling the sowing machine, they had created the first prototype.

Babylivia is a small family-run company, with a design-conscious mum, and a dad who loves products who makes life easier. Together they created the brand Babylivia, with a focus on high quality, design and functionality

Babylivia has become a huge success story in Norway, making meals just a little bit more pleasant for thousands of families around the country. They are now stepping out and saying hello to the rest of the world. For more info, or if you are a retailer outside Norway, contact Babylivia directly: